Saturday, November 29, 2014

This last Saturday in November should be a bit warmer before the next cold wave comes in.  I changed out our door wreath and we broke our usual rule of not going out or shopping on Black Friday.  We had to pick up our car which was in to get its airbags repaired.  It wasn't part of the recall and the units were not produced by the company that produced the airbags under recall.  We bought the new-to-us car only a week ago and thankfully the repairs were under their limited warrantee so it was replaced free of charge.  But while we were out we decided to pick up a couple of items to perk up the wreath.  The traffic was heavy but inside the store we finished up without any delay at all.  I put up seasonal wreaths not holiday wreaths and I put them together myself.

Since it will be warm(er) today I hope to trim the rose back a bit and get the frame for its winter mulch and cover set up.  I am not sure how I will do it because the ground in the containers seemed to be getting quite frozen.

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