Tuesday, November 4, 2014


I would say Good Election Day but that is yet to be determined.  We will be going out a bit later to vote, get some medical needs attended to, and run an errand or two.  Our day is starting out wet but fairly mild--only 55F.

Well, we're back errands done and voting finished.  Not that we are entirely happy with the latter.  I did something I have never done since I came of age to vote.  I voted a straight Democratic ticket.  Let me be clear--I don't much like the Democrats but I absolutely loath the Repthuglicans.  I once believed that government split between the parties was best and ensured a more balanced and reasonable policy.  No more.  What we need are reasonable people who will honestly debate the issues and, in the end, choose a compromise.  I haven't seen much reasonableness, damned little honesty, and no willingness to compromise.  What I have seen are plenty of zealous assholes who don't mind burning down the church so long as every possible apostate dies in the conflagration no matter how many believers also die.  This little piece speculates on an possibility I heartily endorse--maybe both major parties should go extinct.

Tom Englehardt has another good summation of our present and, likely, near future.  Goes a long way to explaining why my political mood is very sour.

Saw headline a bit ago that is nagging at me.  I wonder how true it will be and for what areas.  Sorry I didn't write down the site.  It read:  Most Americans Will Exercise Their Constitutional Right--to not vote.  It nagged at me because our polling place was quite busy this morning.  More than we usually found it in years past.

On our travels this morning we saw an interesting sight:  All our gas stations are showing gas for $2.97-2.99/gal.  Good Huh?!  Not really.  Last week it was running $2.79 and in that time WTC oil was losing $4/bl.  What gives?

Ah--some sentiments on this Election Day I can sympathize with.  Thankfully, the TV has been off today since we went out to vote right after the early news and the crockery is out of reach.

Adding to my disgruntled mood:  retailers already have Christmas goods out and I saw the first ads with an underlying Christmas theme.  They didn't explicitly mention that holiday but the color themes and other visual elements of the ads were definitely not Thanksgiving.  Damn!!  They must be desperate.

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