Sunday, November 9, 2014


Welcome to the "internet of things" and the tyranny of unintended consequences.

From the Agonist, just about the best summation of the recent mid-term elections.  And it doesn't bode well for future elections.

I read Jenna Woginrich on her blog and her Facebook posts.  I thoroughly enjoy those posts and this Huffington Post article says a lot of sense.  I have thought for some time that the major problem with this society is that too many people have been reduced to indistinguishable parts labeled "worker" and "consumer," and the first exists solely to fund the second.  The worker doesn't know any way to live but work his ass off to exchange his earnings (often inadequate) for the consumer product he needs (or wants).  That he might better secure some of his own sustenance by making some of it himself has become an alien concept.

Druid Life continues on that theme.  And makes a good point: anything we make for ourselves rather than exchanging money earned at some "job" doesn't contribute to the GDP--it isn't exchanged for money in the market.  It becomes economically invisible.  Oh, yeah--the "hobbies" are definitely subversive.

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