Thursday, November 6, 2014


I am taking a wait and see attitude toward the recent election.  Just because the Repthuglicans had an excellent (from their point of view) result doesn't mean they can do anything with it.  I was amused by one little snippet:  The Repthuglican majority in the House is the largest since Herbert Hoover's administration.  Does anyone remember that Hoover was president from 1929 to 1933?  Anyone remember what happened in 1929?

Another amusing comment on the TV news this morning:  Wall Street is evidently happy with the election results because stocks are back in record territory.  Why do I find that amusing?  All the info I have read on economic history indicates the economy does better under Democrats: better asset value growth, better profits for business, more jobs created in the economy.

Another intriguing bit--Obama said that 60% of our voting age population didn't vote.  This US News piece seems to confirm that.  I wonder why so many don't vote.  Laziness for some, I am sure but surely not most.  I saw a bit of a report on problems in Chicago with long lines and one voter who simply couldn't hold out for the 7 hours it took at his polling place.  The last voter in that precinct left around 2am Wednesday.  A few interviewees felt their votes don't really count.  Much of that I am sure comes from having been on the losing side.  I wish one of the political/sociological academic types would look into that.

HuffingtonPost has this interesting summary that goes beyond which contestant won where.

And for the joke of the day.  Enjoy.  We did.  I am still smiling.

Think there might be a connection?  I believe the 48% cited is a bit high.

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