Friday, October 28, 2016


Had a lovely weekend from which we are still recovering. Saturday we took the bus day trip to the Chicago Botanical Gardens and the village of Long Grove. It was sunny but a bit cold so we didn't do much walking around. The tram ride provided a nice overview of the gardens and ideas of what we want to see close up when we get a chance to go back. We did see a really nice display of bonsai and I picked up three books and a packet of seeds from the gift shop. That is the most I have spent on any of the trips. Some of the people take these junkets mainly to shop. Long Grove is a pretty little town with a nice street of tourist bait shops. These trips are fun but exhausting. We walked more on that day than we normally do all week at home. Sunday, besides resting from Saturday, we had a wonderful pizza dinner with my brother's family to celebrate Mom's 85th birthday coming up very soon.


This is a good piece of news. Proselytizing Christians are always such a pain in the ass. Now if only they would stop going door to door in this country.

This sounds so much like Venezuela in the early days of its prolonged crisis. And the government's choice of scapegoat is also familiar: profiteering and hoarding.

I guess they would like us all to forget who is at the top of their ticket and how he got there.


It has been chilly here. Yesterday the temperature in the house didn't get above 68 and the heat came on over night. We also had rain.

Barbara Tannen asks a good question on Politico: Why is 'Compromise' a dirty word?

Something I never expected to see: a (former) Republican with principles and a backbone. Quite a change from all of the other Repthuglicans I have seen that kick their "Christian" and "family" values under the rug to support Trump who displays neither Christian nor family values of any kind. Or worse who, like Paul Ryan, won't come out and say they "endorse" him but will vote for him.


Charles Hugh Smith gives us a good term for out current economy: The Landfill Economy.


See you all on Monday.

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