Sunday, October 9, 2016



As you can see, I didn't find much to comment on yesterday. I harvested three trays each of lavender and spearmint. I will grind those and put them in jars later today. I hope the weather holds and I can get the lemon balm and peppermint harvested and in the dehydrator as well. Right now the gardens look the usual end of season disheveled and battered. The rains have been hard on the mums I put in for some color. It came down hard enough to nearly break some of the branches. The peppers have produced steadily and a couple so like this cooler weather they are blooming like it was spring. I doubt that will continue much longer as we are not far off our average first frost date. I attended to my indoors rosemary bushes which I have neglected most of the summer. I haven't done much beyond watering them and, at one point, almost left them too long without adequate water. Luckily they are both coming back now so I trimmed dead springs off and pruned the rest.

I haven't said much about the latest Trump kerfuffle. The man has a long track record as a very slimy caricature of a human being and it amuses me no end at how suddenly the GOP stalwarts have discovered it. The Political Wire has a little piece on desperate efforts by the Repthuglican Party to "save" the down-ballot candidates many of whom endorsed Trump thinking to save their sorry asses from the hordes of Trump supporters who might not vote for them if they didn't. Not a one of them had the guts to say "I can't support Trump for (name any of a myriad reasons). If you can't vote for me because of that, so be it." A few waffled and then caved in when the national polls showed Trump even with Clinton. Now that the polls seem to be going the other way and their precious careers might be in jeopardy as more people appear outraged by the newest revelations, they have backtracked and expect us to applaud them for suddenly finding their balls.

I wonder how many of our spineless Repthuglican candidates will meekly put their tails between their legs a recommit to Trump when faced with this kind of scene? This opinion piece from the Daily Kos makes some very good points and reveals why I don't think the latest outrageous obscenity from The Donald will do much good. There are too many who think he "tells it like it is" (including some of my relatives) without defining exactly what "it" and "is" are. In other words, what versions of reality do they think his verbal diarrhea reflects. And why do they think he will deliver on whatever they think he has promised them when he has promised the exact opposite to a different group.

Ask and ye shall receive--in this case an answer to the question I asked in the last paragraph, or rather implied: who would support Trump and why? In some ways I can sympathize with the person the author talked to about her support for Trump. In fact, I note sometime ago that the major fault I found with Clinton was the company she keeps (Wall Street Bankers and the heads of global companies). But I also noted where she put the blame: the Clintons, the Bushes, and the Obamas. Before Trump became the grotesque figure he is, I considered a "protest vote" for either the Libertarians (whose policy statements I find repugnant) or the Greens (who haven't a chance in hell). No longer.

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