Thursday, October 13, 2016


Spent yesterday cleaning up and straightening up in our sewing/plant starting room which had  come to resemble a very untidy junk room. Also finished a doily/table-topper, started another and took apart a throw pillow to renew the batting. Even got it put back together.

Anyone else having problems with sites loading this morning? We are. Half of the sites are either slow loading or won't load at all. Irritating!!!!


Didn't do much yesterday except our grocery shopping and fuming at the slow internet.


Every time I think this election cycle can't get any sicker or lower it does. And I am not talking about the stories of women who claim they were actually abused by Trump (as opposed to his "locker room talk"). I am talking about assholes of both genders who think it is a good idea to repeal the 19th Amendment.

It seems the scammers using trying the I.R.S. dodge to scare people into sending money have gotten smarter.  They are sending letters claiming to be from the I.R.S. demanding payment or info.

I keep shaking my head over how spineless the GOP has become.

I agree with most of this article. We have noticed here that the old received wisdom that the elimination of jobs of one type will always be accompanied by the creation of new jobs of another type simply doesn't hold true anymore (if it ever really did). We have also noticed that getting new education and training doesn't necessarily mean jobs that require that education and training will be there when the student finishes the program. How we can "offset" the low pay provided for jobs that have, a the author puts it, high social value is a big question? Especially in societies devoted to our current predatory capitalism.

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