Saturday, May 9, 2009

Good Morning, All.  We have had a very pleasant several days with temps in the 70s and only sporadic rain.  Even though Mother's Day is expected to be cooler with a northerly kind of wind coming off the lake it should be sunny.  Sister's cook-out may be shifted inside but we still expect a pleasant day.

Given Oprah's track record for creating a best seller for anything she features can anyone really be surprised at the response to the KFC promotion?  Evidently KFC was.  Huffington Post has a piece and I am sure there are a lot more around the web.  No, we weren't caught up in the mess.  We weren't even tempted.  Sometimes free isn't worth the trouble, especially for something we don't consume anyway.

Ronni at Time Goes By has a snippet on a new House Bill--the Megan Meier Cyberbullying Prevention Act (HR 1966).  She provides a link to the full text of the bill.  I have only scanned the text but I have serious doubts about it.  It is broadly written and defined.  Almost anyone who writes anything critical on line could be liable, in theory.  But worse, I doubt that it could have provided the basis for a successful prosecution of the case that prompted the bill in the first place.  As I understand the particulars, that case involved a woman who posed as a teenage boy to cultivate a friendship with a young girl with whom her daughter had a conflict.  Then having gained the girls trust posted several hateful and damaging posts which drove the girl to suicide.  But whether the actions would have been covered by the bill is questionable.  How sustained were these posts?  Over how long a time?  I don't doubt that we need some way to hold malicious idiots accountable but surely we can do so in a more targeted way that preserves our right to publish negative opinions?

Chris In Paris, at Americablog, asks a very pertinent question--is there ever going to be an end to the bailouts?  I rather doubt it since out government is making sure that none of the big boys in finance or industry are going to fail.  Has anyone calculated how much the jobs that remain in the various bailed-out entities (including those in bankruptcy) have cost per job?  Or how long we will be paying for them?  After all one of the major excuses for our orgy of bailouts has been to preserve jobs.  Oh, and, of course, to keep the credit flowing--which by most accounts hasn't happened either.

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