Monday, May 4, 2009

Good Morning, Everyone.  I had a productive weekend.  I planted most of the seedlings we had started.  The picture above shows one of the False Alarm peppers we got from Burpees.  If you look to the right you can barely see another container that has a plastic milk carton.  That is my improvised hot cap and the pepper normally has one on it.  I took it off just to show off the transplant.  The hot caps and cold frames seem to be working very nicely.

This container has our tomatoes in it.  The plastic things there are our improvised watering system.  I can fill those and the water will seep out through the holes I punched in the sides.  We hope it works out well.  I just cut off the bottom of half gallon juice containers and buried them in the center of the container.  We put in three different varieties: a very early, a mid-season, and a late beefsteak.
Kuma is looking things over.  Now that the weather is milder he wants to go out on the patio more often.  Actually, almost constantly.  He would love to get out the gate but we try very hard to keep him contained.  He gave us a bit of a scare when he sneaked out the front door a couple of weeks ago and disappeared for about twenty-four hours.  
This is the sample block and line pattern diagram for the two baby quilts I am doing up.  I have mentioned them over the last couple of weeks.  I finished the top for the first this last weekend and you can see it below.  I will be honest and say that this is one of the best sections.  Not all my points meet up so neatly.  But I subscribe to Ellen Burns' 20 mph rule.  Hang the item on a clothes line and drive by at 20 mph.  If it looks good, it is.  

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Kay Dennison said...

You've been a very good, industrious girl!!! Send some enrgy my way!

And the quilts are tres lovely!