Monday, May 25, 2009

Happy Memorial Day, Everyone.  A character in one of my favorite books described spring as the day between freezing your ass off and broiling in a summer heat wave.  That is about what last week felt like.  It is supposed to be cooler and wetter this week.  We will see.  I don't mind the 70s (which is what the weather people forecast) but would prefer it without a northerly breeze coming off the lake.

Since we have doubled the size of our container garden we now have to look for plants to put in.  We found a new pepper to try out.  The Mexibelle is supposed to be a bell with a bit of a kick.  We'll see.  We will be visiting one of the home improvement centers to get some more garden soil for the new containers and will take a stroll through the plants.  We will also visit a couple of our favorite farmer's market/garden centers later in the week--after the predicted rain ends.  Who wants to lift bags of soil out of a car trunk in the rain?  Not me!!


Kay Dennison said...

Sounds fun!!!! It's been perfect here.

Looking to the Stars said...

Happy Memorial Day to you also. Our weather has been funky all week end, raining. Great for the grass but unable to do much, blew out my knee pulling weeds on Sat. so had to stay off of it yesterday. Today I am listening to thunder and raindrops. Good day to be in :)