Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Good Morning, All.  Nice sunny day already now that the clouds have cleared out.  Temps should be in the low 70s.  I am going to have to move some of my plants--the ones I am going to give oldest brother later this month.  He lives slightly north of me and doesn't put in his garden until Labor Day.  But we are expecting rain and, the weather people say, some possible small hail.  It won't get cold enough to freeze but I don't want the hail to tear up the plants.

Archcrone at The Crone Speaks has an interesting take on the announcement from the health care industry that it will shave 1.5% per year off its costs for the next 10 years for a total 'savings' of $2 trillion.  All of the news reports have jubilantly reported it as though it were a real cut in costs but it is in reality a reduction of the growth rate.  In other words, consumers won't see a real reduction in costs and will, in fact, be paying more.  When ever any of these big industries start talking about making sacrifices I am extremely skeptical.  I wonder why they think such 'sacrifices' are worth the effort.  I think one commentator had it right.  They are angling for a place at the table so they won't end up on the menu.  This is an industry that has gouged consumers for decades and now they are promising to just gouge us a little less.  We need a single payer, universal health coverage system--NOW!!  Cut these bastards off at the knees.


Looking to the Stars said...

I agree with you and I like the comment about "not being on the menu". I think that's what they are afraid of and they will do anything to make sure they are at the table. have a good one :)

Kay Dennison said...

Succinctly and emphatically said! And I concur with all my heart and soul.