Sunday, February 26, 2012

Good morning to you all.  Thanks Nicola.  We are having a nice quiet weekend. Hope your weekend is a good one also.  Mom tried a new recipe yesterday for a spaghetti squash casserole that turned out very nice.  I found it on Kalyn's Kitchen.  She changed it a little by adding crumbled hot Italian sausage and, inadvertently, leaving out the chard.  She fixed the chard any as though it were spinach.  We are trying to incorporate more different veggies into our diets.  It is amazing how one gets into a rut using a limited number of foods.  We will have the casserole again today and maybe tomorrow as well.  Usually the third day reduces these things to a side dish.  If we had wanted to we could have frozen two thirds of the casserole. We do that every now and then.

Glad the storm didn't dump on you, Kay.  These things can get tricky and winter isn't over yet in spite of our mild weather.  We lucked out but I guess this tells us where the really bad weather went.

The BP oil spill trial is due to start--unless they come up with an acceptable settlement.  I saw the dueling news segments on the President's weekly message and the Republican's response.  I noticed that the Gentlewoman from Texas didn't mention BP while castigating the Administration for not handing out drilling permits hand over fist.  I also noticed that she didn't mention the jobs and incomes lost while moaning about the 'jobs lost' because those permits haven't been granted.  I am sorry if I simply don't believe that what BP has already fully compensated all of the people who lost jobs or work or income from the spill.  And I don't believe that the oil has been totally cleaned up.

I found this item at the Slog today and it supports my own suspicions concerning the Greek bailout 'deal.' It was set up to both fail and to buy enough time to make sure that all of the biggest investors in Greek debt have a chance to mitigate the effects on them of a Greek default--which is pretty much inevitable.  The Testosterone Pit says much the same thing.

Although this story came from the Daily Mail (UK) the action took place in California.  Don't you just love arrogance in full display?!!  But then he is in good company as I remember a similar story of abuse of a sales clerk at the hands of former Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice.

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