Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Morning, All.  Yes, indeed, the weather has been amazing, Kay.  Get ready though--we expect more winter like temperatures over the weekend.  You should have something similar soon after.  It has been an unusual day because we had to be out early for a medical appointment and we ate breakfast out afterward.  We did most of our computer browsing early before we left and I didn't see much to comment on then.  I still don't see much now.  So I will shift gears and talk about the garden planning which I have worked on for a bit now.

So far I have the following planned:

In the greenhouse--Lettuce (lollo rossa, petite rouge, sanguine ameliorate, heat wave mix)
                              spinach (bloomsdale longstanding)
                              radish (purple plum)
                              beet (bull's blood)

In 5gal pails--tomatoes (brandywine, big rainbow, chocolate cherry, supersweet 100, fresh salsa)
                      peppers (albino bullnose, lipstick)
                      cabbage (cabbage babies)--after salsa and cherry tomatoes spent

In large tubs--corn (ruby queen)              sage                                               roses--miniature
                      pyrethrum mum                 winter squash (butter bush)           lemon balm
                      stevia                                 cabbage (cabbage babies mix)       blueberries (top hat)
                      German thyme                  sunflower (teddy bear)                  
                      kale (red Russian) after corn

In large pots--cucumber (dragon's egg)   summer squash (lemon squash)     potatoes

In individual mid sized pots--                poppy (black peony)       mint  (spearmint, orange)
                     lemon verbena                  rosemary                         bean (dragon tongue)
                     basil                                  love-in-a-mist                  bachelor buttons

in small pots on fence--                         marigold (embers)           lemon balm
                     oregano                             lavender        

In small tub--strawberries

It seems like a lot but some items are planned for a late crop after some of the summer plants have finished producing.  And the plans are subject to change depending on what happens.  I have already changed one and removed the tansy from my list.  After all the effort to find a supplier, I discovered this morning that it is poisonous for pets.  Kuma hadn't bothered plants until he went for the blueberries.  I wanted it because the Colorado potato beetles don't like it and lady bugs do.  I will rely on the pyrethrum mum to help discourage the pests.  I also have plenty of room for small plants in the greenhouse.

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Nicola said...

You are going to be very busy with your planting this year but isn't it such fun and so rewarding for the eye and tummy.