Friday, February 17, 2012

Happy Friday to all of you out there.  I have to do some housework this morning.  And I think it is about time to put the cover on my mini-greenhouse and put up the tents on the containers.  I know I have been saying that for a while now but I just don't trust the weather.  But the next week indicates above normal temps with mainly rain and, perhaps, a touch of snow over night.  We stopped by one of our local home improvement/lumber yard/garden stores after Mom's doctor's appointment to pick up some drip pans for our stove and I went over to the seed racks to pick up a couple more packets of spinach seeds before asking the stocker if she knew when they would get in their potatoes in.  She didn't know and kidded me about having spring fever.  Yeah, I have a serious case.

And I do have to pick up the needlework on a more regular basis.  I have been puttering for the last long while and haven't got much done.  I am sure many of you know how that goes--you get into a pattern of bad habits and have to break them.  Thanks, Nicola, and hope your weekend is productive in both gardening and needlework.  Although I am amazed at how much you get done.  And I always love the pictures of the needlework, the birds, and the flowers.

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Nicola said...

I think I get so much done because I very rarely watch the TV other than for news, although I am addicted to Strictly Come Dancing UK version of Dancing with the Stars.

What type of programmes do you like?