Saturday, April 1, 2017

Saturday--April 1

Happy April Fools' Day--and no, I am not going to pull any pranks. I am not even going to link to pranks though I have seen some good ones.

Yesterday was a non productive day as I locked myself out of the new iPad. I thought I had written the passcode down but couldn't find it or remember it. So I went in and did what they said to restore the original programming which took out the nook and Kindle programing and files. I had to go back in and install those as well as my libraries. It was a royal pain in the butt, however much easier that I feared. The new passcode is written down and I have had no trouble remembering it.

I haven't been more productive today--just too cold, still too wet, and simply too tired.  Did dig out some more of the first container and filled one large pot and parts of two others. But that was all because, as I said, it was too blasted cold.

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