Sunday, April 16, 2017

Saturday--April 15

We had rain overnight but that shouldn't affect my continued clean-up and set-up plans. The strawberries arrived yesterday. I hope these bare root plants work as well as the sweet potato slips I tried out a couple of years ago and not as dismally as the strawberry roots I tried that same year.

I so totally agree with this piece. Sometime ago I got rid of the last skirt and dress in my closet. I hope never to wear one again. I have jeans, sweats, and shorts that pretty much cover the seasons. I do have a couple of pairs of slacks that will take care of as dressy an occasion as I am likely to attend. I am contemplating culling some of the tops I haven't worn for the last 2+ years. My tee shirts and turtlenecks do quite nicely. I am at the point where I can wear what I want and what feels comfortable. To hell with anything else. I don't waste energy being irritated with all the ads and advice (featuring or written by women less than half my age) on how I should dress, what my expectations should be, and how I should behave. They can follow the clothes I have discarded to the same place. And the same goes for much of what passes for health and medical advice.

Sunday--April 16

Beautiful day yesterday. The temperature topped out in the low 80s with plenty of sunshine. I cut six of the 1-gal. vinegar jar pots to put on one of the trellises. It took a bit to figure out how and where to cut so that the jars would stay on the shoe rack. The cells of the soft shoe rack planter are also filled--as many as I can use given the configuration of the containers. I also got the trellis assembled for the beans (or cucumbers). I have another to put up--perhaps today. Right now I think it is cloudy but the sun hasn't come up yet.

I guess I should say "Happy Easter" but the "holiday" doesn't mean much to me--socially or religiously. For those for whom it has meaning "Happy Easter." For those like me--hope your day is pleasant and productive. Mine will be inside from the looks of things now that there is some light out there. We have rain and that pretty well scuttles any plans for garden work.

I spoke much too soon on the gardening. We had a bit of clearing with sun so I got the strawberries planted and the shepherd's crooks laced. I has clouded over again so I will wait to see if we get any rain before I water the plants. The little strawberries look good so I hope I will get a nice crop of berries.

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