Wednesday, April 5, 2017

Wednesday--April 5

Rainy today and we may have snow by evening. But by the weekend it should dry out, get warmer and sunny again. Shopping day today so I don't know how much of my normal reading I will get done.

However, this came up right off the bat. Bless that judge who refused to seal the documents and Bless California for its environmental activism.

I love this story.  Go, Sophia!! You know what is really important.

Another story to love!!! I don't mind people who have religious objections to abortion, gay marriage, sex outside marriage, cross-race marriage, women working--whatever. What I do mind is them imposing their beliefs on others. If those are your beliefs you shouldn't have an abortion--to do otherwise is hypocritical. Same for all the other issues. But imposing on others your own beliefs--no fucking way. These guys are worse than the "blooming idiots" who appeared every spring on the open public spaces at every university I attended to preach to harangue passing students on their likely post-post life destination--especially female students consistently described as "whores."

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