Friday, April 21, 2017

Thursday--April 20

We had intermittent rain through the night. That probably means no gardening early today though things should clear up. Too dark yet to see how things are outside.

I did get a couple more plants transplanted. They went into small pots--not the large containers. The soil for that was in my shed so didn't get soaked by the rain. I think all of the strawberries survived. I hope what I am seeing on a couple of them is actually new growth starting and not wishful thinking.

Friday--April 21

I like this though I doubt if any of the TSA screeners can remember the Amendment in question. And it does nothing for those sexual assaults pat downs.

Too cool to do much outside. Should be warmer tomorrow so I hope I will get the peppers and thyme planted. I think I can bring the tomatoes outside into the greenhouse.

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