Monday, August 8, 2022

August 8

 Well, I might be able to work on Bloglovin' which has not been the case for the last three or so weeks. We'll see how long that lasts. I still have no idea why it was unavailable.

So what did I miss? Well, Charles Hugh Smith had this post on why employers are having such a difficulty finding employees in, what we are assured, is a booming economy. When we are out and about here we still see signs everywhere that the business is hiring. We are retired and have no desire to return to the workforce. Neither of us have the strength or stamina for most of the jobs out there and don't have the experience or education for most of the rest. He notes that younger people aren't eager to sign up for employment as was traditional. Another article I saw recently called their attitude the "quiet resignation." The workers want a better work-life balance and no longer do whatever the employers demand. Overtime? Nope. Answering calls after work hours? Nope. Kids' games, school plays, recitals" Yep, even if they have to take time off. 

Sunday, August 7, 2022

August 7

 I had planned to water the gardens this morning but the weather forecast is predicting rain for the afternoon through tomorrow morning. I will let nature provide when I can. I have some inside work planned instead. We are going through another round of culling things we no longer use. Some of our canning jars and the smaller of our two dehydrators are going to a new home where they will be used. We haven't canned anything for the last couple of years and it has been that long since I used both dehydrators. Neither of us have the energy for canning any more.

We can easily get fixated on our strange weather and forget that other areas of our world are also experiencing really unusual conditions. Euronews posted this article which gives a good overview. It isn't good.

Saturday, August 6, 2022

August 5 (or whenever)

 I didn't realize I forgot to come back and post the last entry. Oh well, I just get busy doing something or reading something and forget about the post. We'll see if I get this one out in a more timely manner.

I found this item which reflects some of my own thoughts. We aren't used to adapting ourselves to the world having spent so much of the last few hundred years trying to adapt the world to us. A glaring example of that attitude is in the included op-ed in this Naked Capitalism article. I guess the writer of the op-ed didn't remember the time within the last ten years when barge traffic on the Mississippi was halted because the water level was too low. And I remember when the good people of Georgia floated the notion of a similar pipeline to tap into Lake Michigan when Atlanta and towns around it were down to less than a month's worth of water. They got five "Hell, NO" screams from the states bordering the lake. I don't have much faith in any significant number of people choosing to adapt given the stories of wealthy Atlanteans who kept their pools filled and their lush lawns watered by paying hefty fines. 

Friday, August 5, 2022

Aug 3

 Yesterday was a major shopping day. We didn't intend it but with all the empty shelves we have seen lately we often get things we normally use but don't actually need immediately. The cat litter and canned food shelves were very thin on product so we picked up what we could easily store and stocked up. Our favorite supermarket sends out coupons we actually use so we also stocked up on those items. By the time we got home, got everything put away, and had breakfast we were done for the day so we had to catch up on our housekeeping today.

I have always been skeptical of cryptocurrencies. Some of the articles and ads I have seen argued that it is a viable and secure alternative to "fiat" currencies. But I don't see any greater security for crypto (which isn't tied to gold or some other hard value) over dollars (which aren't either). I wasn't surprised about the bankruptcy filing from Celsius and wasn't surprised that its customers/depositors are likely screwed. It reminds me of the crisis about 30 years ago in the savings and loan industry. I worked with people who didn't get access to their deposits for weeks and lost some of their money. Like the savings and loans the crypto industry isn't backed by the FDIC system though at least one company (which filed for bankruptcy before Celsius) claimed (fraudulently???) in its advertising and on its site. You can check out the situation with this Forbes article.

In spite of the efforts by the Kansas Republicans to confuse voters concerning the probably effect of the ballot measure to change the state constitution to allow the legislature to abolish abortion, inspire of the strategy of placing the measure on the ballot during a mid-term primary when independents and Democrats generally don't turn out, and in spite of the financial support of the Catholic Church Kansas voters rejected (59-42%) the measure so abortion remains constitutionally protected in Kansas.

Tuesday, August 2, 2022

August 1-2

 First day of August and it is nice and sunny though it is a bit warm and we have a strong possibility of thundershowers later. I just threw some of my all purpose fertilizer in my squash pots and found a small thumb sized fruit developing. I think it is a spaghetti quash but I have forgotten which variety I planted in which bucket. The bees have been quite busy.

I wasn't going to post anything but then I saw this. I decided to do a search for other sources and found several including Fortune, The Guardian, and Barrons. Just when you think he can't be any more of a self-centered, narcissistic, greedy waste of allegedly human flesh, he proves he can go lower.


Well, a repulsive murderer has been repulsively and deservedly murdered (to paraphrase Hercule Poirot in Murder on the Orient Express.) I refuse to soften the rhetoric around the death of Al Qaida's leader whose long history of killing (and not just Americans and not just military personnel) makes him a just target of the action. By any possible justice rendered by a court wasn't possible because of his geographic location so some other kind of reckoning had to be meted out. The Taliban has shown, yet again, that they can't be trusted to keep any agreements they make with us, as has Putin. 

Monday, August 1, 2022

July 31

 Damn!! Last day of July already. We have had a nice break from the brutal heat but the next week (first week of August) will be hot again. 

I don't have to water the plants outside because I watered them yesterday. The plants are doing very nicely. I think I need to add some fertilizer to the squash pots. The plants are doing very well and I think I saw a little squash developing. The bees are back hitting the squash and the bee balm. 

I may have a problem: I gave in to an impulse when buying plants and got a Meyer lemon. I knew I would have to bring it inside for the winter but I didn't think about how it would do with the cats. Evidently the fruit and the roots are toxic for cats and dogs. I am not worried about fruit since it is a young tree that hasn't bloomed yet. I don't think the cats would dig it up so the roots aren't likely to be a problem. I hope the little monsters won't munch on the leaves.

Last weekend one of the local news shows reported that many everyday items in drug and convenience stores were being put in locked cases. I found this report this morning. We haven't seen it here yet beyond the high priced cosmetics, pharmacies, and photo areas. But sooner or later those strategy appears here as well. Target and Meijer no longer display their computers and smart phones. We lost a small Apple centered store when it was hit by smash and grab thieves three times in two months a few years ago.

I love the cartoon at this link. We have often thought that every election should have an option to vote for "none of the above."

The new fire in California has pushed the fires in New Mexico out of the media spotlight. However, this article indicates that the New Mexico fires, which are still burning, may have a much more severe consequences that we thought. The city of Las Vegas, New Mexico (population about 13k) has, maybe, 50 days of water left because they get most of it from the Galenas River and don't have the capacity to filter out the ash and contaminants.

Thursday, July 28, 2022

July 28

 We have had more rain over the last few days than the prognosticators predicted and a lot less sun and heat. On that last I am definitely grateful.

The TV news just said that the economists have announced that the country is in recession. That's nice but somewhat irrelevant to those of us who aren't interested in getting a loan for a home or car, or have big balances on credit cards. We have felt we have been in a recession since inflation began rising --I would say to stratespheric heights but Turkey has (last I heard) has a 70% rate. The data might also be irrelevant since it is entirely backward looking and requires two quarters of declining growth in GDP to be called by which time the "recession" might be over. And even if the next quarter shows economic growth it doesn't mean that any of us at the middle or lower end of the economy will benefit.

Also on the news: Senators Manchin and Schumer have come to an agreement on a package of economic measures that MIGHT pass the senate which will (they hope) ease inflation, curb drug prices (by allowing Medicare to negotiate prices, and impose a minimum 15% corporate tax on companies which seem very adept at getting out of paying any tax at all. Evidently the Dems are pushing to use "reconciliation" which the Reps thought was off the table for good when they agreed to pass the "Chips" bill. Now they are squealing like stuck pigs and McConnell is urging the house to vote that legislation down. Even my high school class wasn't so petty and childish.

On another subject: the gardens are doing well though somewhat bedraggled because of the rain over the last 10 days. I put four of the small pots back in the fence pot holders. I saw a couple of bees working in the squash plants and heard some I didn't see so we might get a few squash in a couple of months. This is the first season I have planted squash in several years. The morning glories are filling the trellis but haven't bloomed yet but the dahlias and hibiscuses are doing quite a job of providing color. And another nice surprise: the rose shows no sign of the mosaic disease I fought last year. It is a new rose. I gave up and pulled the others. The lemon tree seems to be flourishing. I haven't introduced it to the cats yet so I don't know if they will munch on it. I still need to prune the rosemary.