Thursday, February 19, 2009

Good Morning, again.  It is blustery and cold.  None of the weather people really knew what this new system, which they described as 'complex,' would do.  Well, it dumped about 3 inches of snow, after yesterday's rain, and then froze.  Temps now are in the teens with a wind chill below zero.  Thankfully, we have nowhere we have to go.  We are supposed to get some sun later but the temperature won't go above 30.  Tuesday, Mom made a big pot of beef soup (with cabbage, pieces of corn on the cob, tomatoes, and whatever mixed veggie she grabbed).  Normally, we would have the soup for a couple of days and then freeze the remaining half.  Not this time.  It has been cold enough that we don't mind four days in a row of a hot and hearty soup.

I happened upon this blog entry at SillyCreations this morning during my usual trip through the google alerts.  We laughed all the way through it.  Good medicine on a gloomy day.

I think I will leave it today with that.  The sun has come out and it is time to do some stitching.

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