Friday, February 27, 2009

Well, it is morning.  Whether good remains to be seen.  We have had, at times, heavy rain and lightening over the last 18 hours or so.  The wind has been blustery.  It feels as though March simply can't wait to come in.  But February is still fighting.  Our temps are supposed to fall throughout today and not get out of the mid 20s.  Some of the drizzle and rain may actually freeze on the roadways. (update--it is snowing lightly now.  The wind is still high, sending the snow skittering over the roofs and down the street like white dust.  I am very glad I don't have to go out.)

Does anyone else find that when their expected routine is shredded that the day sputters along--not feeling really right.  That was yesterday.  I did get some things done but nothing felt really satisfying.  It was all just a little off.  Today is, so far, off to a good start.  The internet is working.

The political and economic situation doesn't help.  Mark Morford catches the spirit of the times rather well.  We seem whipsawed between emotions and fears.  For me, the fears have subsided to nagging concern.  I hope the job market will perk up but I don't really expect it to do that very soon.  Over the last 16 months I have seen the number of even marginally suitable jobs dwindle.  I remember applying for a couple while my psyche screamed, silently,  "Please, God, NO!!"  I would like a good job.  You know--one that pays for my life.  But none come even close unless I want to spend 80+ hours per week working (which I definitely do not) and none come close to offering even a 'normal' 40 hour week.  Oh, well.  I can get some sardonic amusement from the Republicans trying to regain their virginity.  Listening to Boehner blast big spending Democrats after giving Bush everything he wanted, including the first $1+ trillion budget deficit while keeping the costs of Iraq and Afghanistan off budget, I think he should rate a comedy award.

We got used over the last couple of years to the penny-pinching ways of U.S. airlines: eliminating meals, charging for checked bags and for amenities like pillows and blankets.  This one from the BBC takes the cake.  I hope the good execs at Ryanair find themselves locked away somewhere without any money, a coin operated toilet, and a very full bladder.

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