Sunday, February 1, 2009

Good Morning, All.  It is nice and sunny even if cold.  I won't write much today.  Instead I will take advantage of the light to finish or extend a couple of needlework projects.  It works so much better with good, natural, strong daylight.

For anyone who follows the debates on the stimulus package and wonders about the charges of protectionism that the Republicans (and their Democrat-in-name-only allies) have raised go to Chris In Paris's latest entry at Ambericablog.  The truth is that every country talks the talk but doesn't walk the walk.  Some aren't even bothering with the first part of that.  Perhaps we should indulge in some honesty and admit that 'free' markets have only gutted our local economies removing productive capacity and jobs to someplace and someone else.

Chris has another entry which gives an analysis of the defense CNBC and others have mounted of the 'bonuses' the financial industry insist on trying to pay out.  An interesting entry in this debate was a news story on ABC Nightly News last night.  Treasury polled the 26 largest banks on whether they have paid or plan to pay in the near future such bonuses.  Twenty-one deigned to reply and 19 answered affirmatively.  Many of those had already received TARP money.  I get a feeling those boys are getting a bit desperate in their bids to retain the gravy train of the past.

Thanks to Kay at Kay's Thinking Cap for the award below.  It has been a couple of weeks but I kept forgetting to post it and when I did remember I had trouble getting to the right site.  Problems now solved.  Again, Thanks.

Van Gogh's Ear Award

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Elaine said...

All I can say is this gravy train has to stop! My husband works for a well known Fortune 500 company and the CEO did not take a bonus. The arrogance and greed of the Wall Street execs is sickening.

Congrats on your award, it's definitely deserved.