Thursday, February 26, 2009

Well, it is a foggy morning and we may get rain.  However, no temps below 30 for the next week--knock on wood.  It has already been an out of kilter day.  Our internet service was out until just after 8:30 buy which time I should have been completely through my e-mail and the blogs I usually follow.  As it is I did manage a couple of other things.  Some time ago I made an attempt to make my own vest pattern.  After a couple of not so successful attempts, I, finally, managed to make a good paper pattern.  This morning I cut out a fabric pattern from an old sheet so I can lay out the elements once I get them stitched.  I also did some photoshop type of manipulation of one of the motifs.  It still needs a good bit of work.  I also pulled out one of the few remaining painted needlepoint canvases, got it on one of my q-snap frames, and started selecting the yarn/thread.  Now I have two new Works in Progress (WIPs).  So much for trying to complete a project before beginning a new one.  I might get some pictures sometime soon. 

Peter Drier at TPM Cafe has a neat post defining the difference between Obama's views of the economy and the Bush/Republican view.  It isn't the difference between socialism and capitalism but between responsible capitalism and crony capitalism.  I think he makes a very good case. 

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