Monday, March 9, 2009

Good Monday Morning, again.  

I am a sucker for lists.  Top 10, top 100, whatever.  It is always interesting to see how many pertain to me.  I found this pair of lists by way of BitchPhD this morning.  One was compiled by library professionals and the other by a vote of readers.  Surprisingly I discovered I had read the same number of books on each site--30 of 100.  What surprised me even more was that on the librarians' list nearly all of the books I remember reading I read for lit classes.  Less than 10 of the readers' list fell into that category.

Well, here it is--Tuesday.  Blast!! Where is the time going??  We are still spring cleaning.  Why is it taking so long?  Well, for most of the time we have lived here I have had very strange schedules until a bit over a year ago when I suddenly had no schedule at all.  Much of what we are doing takes two people.  Also, when we moved in we jammed two households into one.  We culled a lot of stuff before we came here but we still had way too much for the space.  We have culled a lot more since and now are rearranging what is left.  That takes time and effort--and two people.  This month is devoted to two projects--spring cleaning and setting up our container garden on the patio.  The weather has definitely not cooperated on the second.  We have had about four inches of rain since Saturday night into this morning with more coming.

Sorry, Kay.  I am afraid we are booked as far as cleaning goes.  A road trip to Ohio is not in the picture.

I found this picture at ohdeedoh this morning.  No, I am not going to try this.  But I do appreciate the work it takes to do this having killed three bonsai in the past.  

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