Thursday, March 19, 2009

Good Morning on this day before Spring officially begins.  Today we are back to cooler temps, in the 40s, and sun.  The sun will be welcome but I am waiting for the higher temps (in the 50s) before I continue setting up the garden containers.  I am still working on changing out my closet and drawers--going from winter to summer clothes wise.  I am finally in jeans and turtlenecks.  It feels as though I have been in sweats forever.  Next step--wash and put away the heavy coat and bring out the heavy sweater.  Soon, soon.

I found this little entry on the Tarnished Tatter's site this morning.  I have just been shaking my head over the stuff we have found during our house cleaning stint this month.  We took a car load of stuff over to Goodwill Monday and will have another load next Monday.  Some of the stuff we will use--like the sun catchers Mom had put away and forgotten about.  We both cleaned out our shoes.  I found four briefcases or briefcase/computer bags.  Over the years I constantly searched for the 'perfect' bag to carry what I needed--books, files, papers, computer, etc.

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