Saturday, March 28, 2009

Good Morning, all.  We are expecting some of what hit Colorado and the plains over the last couple of days.  Hopefully, the weather forecasters are right and it will be mostly rain and not a whole lot of it.

Chris In Paris at Americablog has a link to a spot-on cartoon from Tole at Washington Post.  You can see it full size by following the link and then going back one day.  I think it was printed on Thursday.  Chris' question is right to the point also--what is it about this situation that AIG (and others) can't seem to understand.

Chris also provides a link to this story at MSNBC.  I guess this will heat up the debate over H.R. 875 though not in any illuminating way.  Unfortunately, our politicos will draw simply the wrong conclusions from the issue.  Most of the problems we have with our food supply system stem from the interstate transport of food items but the sledge hammer of the bill would most burden those sectors that have not been the source of the problems--local and organic producers.  If we had not already pretty much stopped eating out I would put Applebees on my list of places to avoid.  Actually, I would simply be confirmed in avoiding it since it has always been a bit too pricey for what I got.

Since nothing else has struck my fancy, I will end here.  I think it will be a good day to tackle my pattern files and get some order established there.  Later.


Kay Dennison said...

Omigod!!!! Don't send it here -- send it to Michigan!!!

The cartoon is right on! Sigh.

I hate Applebees' food. But then I quit eating at chain restaurants in favor of locally owned and operated businesses. I have it straight from a food inspector's mouth that my fav neighborhood restaurant/pub has the cleanest kitchen in the county not too mention that they buy locally for their food.

Boomer Chick said...

Hi Mary! Just stopping in to say hi and thank you for commenting on my blog! I got food poisoning at Ruby Tuesdays a few months ago and try not to eat out as much as possible. Don't like Applebees need to try a Texas Road House. Prices are fantastic...a steak dinner, salad, baked potato, rolls (unlimited) and drink will run you under $12.00. Can't beat it and I've never gotten sick there.