Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Good Morning again.  Well, it is morning.  However we have cloudy skies and cool temps--again.  This see-saw of above average temps for a week followed by above average temps for a week is getting old.  I would really like to have just average temps.  And I would love it if everything dried out so I can get the rest of my plants in the containers.  Then I can think about what to get to fill out the space.  We doubled our space on an impulse so all of the plants I started from seed and the few we bought would have fit in the old space comfortably.  Now I am scrambling.  Oh, well.  At least everything is doing very well so far.

I found this Chicago Tribune article this morning.  GM is closing 14 plants and just axed more than 800 dealers ( unless the bankruptcy judge does something both fair and surprising) but NOTHING at all changes in the company's Middle East operations.  Tell me again why we are bankrolling this company to the tune of about $70 billion including the money we are expected to fork over after the filing is completed?

And then there is this, by way of John Aravosis at Americablog, from a company that should be the poster child example for 'Bailed Out Companies Behaving Badly.'  But what should we expect from AIG?  Of course, those poor executives who made all of those bad decisions REALLY do need the charity more!!  Worse, the company and its offshoot foundation were bankrolled by former AIG execs from their own money not AIGs.  But because it paid dividends and bonuses to the AIG execs who founded it AIG believes it is entitled to the whole swag?  WTF!!!  

The third example of companies behaving badly also comes from John Aravosis.  Prime example of why we love to hate insurance companies.  I think we are going to have to upgrade the old saying about being 'nickled and dimed' to death.  It is no longer so penny ante.


Elaine said...

We still haven't had any really warm days yet. The heat is on again this morning. I've been telling my husband I think we're in for a cool summer. Here's a link from the Lansing area news station about colder than normal temperatures this summer. Does not look good for the Great Lakes Region. Maybe better for you.

Looking to the Stars said...

Its raining here today also. Love the rain but its getting old. Good news though, our gov passed a law that people who have wells on thier land can now have rain barrels and collect rain. Before that it was against the law to collect rain water. Of course us city folk can't but its good for the rural areas :)