Thursday, June 18, 2009

Good Morning. And, yes, it is a good morning even though we have rain and have had a few bouts of thunder. I planted the last of my planned garden yesterday: broccoli and the next succession of lettuce. I don't have to water any of the garden. Hopefully we will have some sun later before the next run of showers tonight.

I found this little article on the my trip through the news and blog listings on my google alerts. My own assessment of the situation: this company wants to break the union and has chosen to do so by misusing the immigration laws. I notice that the company never produced the letter they say triggered the termination so I think that the company's veracity on this matter is very suspect. Especially when they refuse to reinstate workers who provide evidence of valid social security numbers. Further evidence of their real intention comes up later in the article: the workers hired to replace the terminated union members at less pay, no benefits and on part time status no matter how many hours they work. I wonder what the farm grown (or processes) and whether I can eliminate those products from my life.

I just did a little research on what products they make. It is mainly processed foods, which we don't buy anymore, and food service products. The most recognizable brand I saw was 'Adobo' which had been advertised here somewhat infrequently.

And here is another entry in the 'Companies (or Industries) Behaving Badly' Sweepstakes by way of Archcrone at The Crone Speaks. As I said before the scam that is being perpetrated by the health insurance industry and their tame politicos simply hides the fact that no one has any real choice in the matter of insurance. To define the matter as one of choice hides that fact. And to define the matter as one of capitalism vs. socialism (or communism) simply means that we, as a society, seem to favor some privileged entities' excessive profits over the majority of less privileged people's health and very lives.

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