Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Hello, All. It is foggy this morning. They say we should have a dry day after it burns off. We got a nice bit of rain yesterday afternoon and last night. Nice for me since I didn't have to water the gardens. Not so nice for the Chicago baseball fans who went to see a Cubs-White Sox game that was cancelled because of the rain. Hopefully it will be dry enough for me to get the broccoli and next course of lettuce in. It is still unseasonably cool. At least it isn't cold.

Did anyone catch the news story this morning where British Airways is 'asking' its employees to work for free 'to save the company'? It is so nice that the CEO is willing to work the month of July for free but I wonder if he is going to go around to all of the people his employees have to pay (landlords, utility companies, etc.) and ask them to forego those payments (or whatever proportion of them the time off would equal.) Of course, it is nice they are 'asking.' Walmart did something similar for years without asking. Anyone remember the law suit filed because workers were locked in the stores, forced to work through lunches and breaks or after hours off the clock?

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