Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Good Morning, again. It is another very warm and humid day. Unlike many other counties around here we are not under a heat advisory. The breezes are supposed to come off Lake Michigan making us a little cooler than surrounding areas. That doesn't make much difference to us because the little fenced cement patio concentrates heat. The temperature there can be 10-15 degrees warmer than anywhere off the patio.

I just finished harvesting the second batch of lettuce. The first went for two large chef salads and two small dinner salads. I splurged and bought one of the first tomatoes that appeared at local farmers market. My own are developing nicely--maybe three weeks away from fried green tomatoes. Mom and I both made the observation that anticipation is a rather nice feeling. We so enjoyed that salad. Tonight we will have cold sandwiches with lettuce and the remains of the tomatoes. Cold meals are so inviting with the heat.

I found an interesting take on the notion of 'green shoots' that has been such a catch phrase in the economic reporting lately. Kurt Cobb makes some interesting points and observations in his article at the Energy Bulletin. I have followed news stories for the last 15 years that describe the state of the nations infrastructure. I know the Obama administration has tagged a lot of the stimulus money for this purpose. (I almost wrote 'earmarked' but that word has such a nasty connotation now.) But the amounts I have heard experts cite as necessary just to repair roads, bridges, sewers, etc., doesn't come close to what the total those experts throw about. We already are spending mind-boggling amounts on financial 'infrastructure' deemed too large to fail. Our physical infrastructure is in much the same condition. All the bills are coming due at once.

Rhea at Boomer Chronicles pays tribute to the latest casualty of our digital age: Kodachrome. I also remember it fondly and am a little saddened to see it go. But hardly surprised. I learned photography in the Navy 40 years ago. For years I continued taking pictures and Kodachrome was one of my favorite films. Sadly, I had to discontinue the hobby almost two decades ago. Between the cost of the film and the cost of getting it processed (never mind any special costs like enlarged prints or framing) that I simply couldn't keep up with it. I am slowly getting back into it now that Mom and I have a decent digital camera. I am sorry that they have 'taken my Kodachrome away.' (No, I am not that clever. They played the old pop tune during the story on last night's news program.) But I am so glad to find the hobby is back within my slender means.

On that cheerful not I will sign off today. Have a good one, all.

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Looking to the Stars said...

We love cold sandwiches too, it made my mouth water reading your post :)
We had a hot day yesterday, today is overcast and windy (strange weather)!
Yes, its sad to see Kodak archive its oldest film. With each older thing going by the way side, I feel like a part of me goes with it (sigh).
You have a good one!