Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Good Morning, Everyone. We have had some dry, sunny and slightly warmer weather yesterday and it is supposed to continue through tomorrow. I got the last of the planters cleaned out and one of the containers of compost dumped into a couple of the large containers. We kept all of the lids for the 30 gal. storage bins we converted into planters so we could cover them over winter. Found only one problem--the pressure of the dirt pushed the sides out and the most of the lids no longer fit well enough to simply snap on. Well, that is what they made bungie cords for. Much as I hate to we are going to start throwing away the plastic milk and juice containers again. We simply don't have the storage space for a lot of that and we have enough to start next spring and will get more over the season. They do make excellent planters for small plants.

The new computers are wonderful. Everything is so much faster--games, moving between sites and pages. We are still getting back everything we need to have but are amazed by how much we are simply going to leave behind.

I noticed this morning that the move by the Colorado legislature to roll back their minimum wage made the national news on Good Morning America. A bare mention but more than usual and a comment that that was part of the news that the Balloon Boy fiasco has obscured. They don't usually acknowledge the news that is missing so they can cover the fluff.

James Kunstler has a new Clusterfuck Nation post that is a worthy read. We are in the middle of a crisis in confidence regarding our political and economic institutions. I voted for Obama but I my lack of confidence in his ability to change the way we do business (politically or economically) has grown. Too many people with political power are aligned with the big companies and are willing to sacrifice the rest of us on the mistaken belief that those who survive will be better off. I don't care to be part of the sacrifice but I am not sure how to escape.

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