Friday, October 2, 2009

Good Morning, People. Cool after a night of rain. I don't know how much we got but we are supposed to get more today. Took out one container of tomato plants yesterday. Mom is going to make a green tomato salsa out of the fruits. We also put in all the storm windows and put the plastic over two of them. We will get the last one next week. That is almost the last of our fall rituals. We used to change out our dressers and closet but have reduced the clothing to the point where we don't have to do that any more. We haven't had to put the heat on since the overnight temperatures haven't gone below 68 degrees. Hopefully it won't for a while.

I have just about given up on watching the economic statistics. If you do you wind up with mental whiplash. Last month everyone was so overjoyed at the slight dip in the unemployment rate and touted the slight reduction in new unemployment claims. This month just the opposite. July and August had the pundits raving about the 'Cash for Clunkers' program and this month gloomily noting that auto sales were down in September compared to last year. Does anyone remember the fanfare a couple of decades ago when Saturn was touted as the future of the auto industry? Now Saturn is gone--at least according to the latest news on that front.

I just caught the first round of voting for the 2016 Olympic host city--Chicago is out of the running. I am neither sorry nor glad. The Olympics might have been a catalyst for some good changes in Chicago but its economic impact probably would not have reached me. I am surprised it was knocked out in the first round.

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