Saturday, October 24, 2009

Good Morning, Everyone. Still cool and gray here. We might get some sun later today. Nothing to do outside since the garden containers are all retired for the year. I have made a bit of headway getting the plastic bags we have accumulated for the last few months cut into useable strips. I seem to go through phases. For several months I will do some kind of craft work daily and then do nothing for a stretch. Well, not nothing. I shift to reading books that have accumulated on my list. Then it all shifts back. I am in that shift now as my reading list has been whittled down and my mind turns over the needlework projects thinking about what to finish and what to start.

Didn't see much to comment on so I will post now. Have books to go back to the library.

Take care and have a good day everyone.


Kay Dennison said...

So what have you been reading? I'm always interested in what my friends read and God knows I am always looking for a new addiction!

I was in the Salvation Army store the other day and as always, had to check their bookshelves, I scored 7 BRAND NEW hardcover books at $1.50 each by favorite authors.
Cool, huh?

Looking to the Stars said...

I go thru phases like that too. I never used to be able to put projects off, if I started something I had to finish. I'm not like that anymore, I have about 5 projects and I move from one to another.

I just got done reading 2 of my books, have 2 to go. Now its back to my manuscript about my dad.
Take care, have a good one :)