Thursday, October 29, 2009

Good Morning, Everyone. Haven't had much to say over the last couple of days. The political scene is the same as it always is--'our' legislators are deeply engaged in their continuing efforts to secure the interests of their real masters: the banks, insurance companies, big pharma and whoever else contributes mightily to their continued employment. When they finally come up with something I might comment on it but for now I will save my breath (or, rather, my fingers).

Our weather is following the pattern set at the beginning of this month: mostly damp, mostly cooler than normal with brief periods of sun and seasonal warmth. At least I can be glad I am not in Colorado anymore. Beautiful scenery but snows like what they are getting are not exactly rare. And at least I don't have to go out in that mess anymore which I had to do when I lived there. Saw some amazing pictures of the snow on a friend's facebook wall.

Evidently I am not the only skeptic looking at the economic data the pundits are abuzz over. Growth of 3+%?? With or without the stimulus. One of the talking heads said about the same on CNBC this afternoon. And that is the jist of this article on MSNBC. All we see is the use of statistics to produce misleading or meaningless conclusions.

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Looking to the Stars said...

Hi, been off my blog, pinched a nerve in my back. But, got it where I can sit and the pain is almost gone.

It snowed 2 inches here but had really bad wind, it turned to ice and is pretty bad. The police told everyone to stay home and if they coldn't stay home to drive really slow and leave early for their destination. We didn't have much of a fall just like we didn't have a spring.

Oh, well its Colo. wait two hours and the weather will change :)

have a good one