Sunday, October 25, 2009

Hello, again. It is supposed to be sunny and mild today. The weather people say it will be the warmest and driest for the next several so I have to remember to go out and replace the front porch light. Like so much else I think about it and then forget it for a while longer. At least it isn't something that is absolutely necessary. I didn't get to the library yesterday. The car wouldn't start and Mom had it towed to her favorite repairman. We are both wondering why everything seems to happen at once. She just had the motors for the heat/air conditioning fan and one of the rear windows replaced two weeks ago. Last week we replaced the computers after hers died and mine showed its age. Now the car is back in the shop. Damn!!!

Oh, well. I have been busy trying to get my computer somewhat set u
p like the old one was. Just tried out the camera download system. It works fairly well.

The picture on the left shows the garden containers as they were in mid spring. Most of the plants started slowly as I complained about on a couple of posts back then. They tried to make up for it laster when things warmed up a bit but never produced what they would have had the weather cooperated. The right-hand picture shows the containers as they are now--closed up and ready for winter. More ready for it than I am.

The picture at the top is the newest quilt top as it was about two months ago. It is actually further along that the picture shows.


Looking to the Stars said...

Cool pictures. I know what you mean about everything dying at once. I haven't figured out why it works that way either. When one thing dies, others follow suit. You just do your best.

Are your pics part of your new computer? I wish my pics would come out that clear. Of course I'm not the greatest picture taker :)

have a good one , kiddo

Kay Dennison said...

As always, your needlework is gorgeous and you are so organized that I'm green with envy! Glad you're enjoyong your new computer.