Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Good Morning, Everyone. We had snow over night--just a dusting. We are supposed to get a bit more today, but just a bit. I am definitely ready for spring.

I thought I would show a bit of what I have been doing for the last little bit. I think I showed a full picture of the Mother Goose Crib Quilt just before Christmas. Here is a close up of part of the center. I gave it to my sister (the new grandma--again) to give to my niece (her daughter--the new mom--again). Sister liked it but haven't heard anything from the direct recipients.

The main motif of this table scarf has been done for a very long time. I just had to get off my butt and get the hem and lace done. Being me I just couldn't do an invisible tacking stitch to attach the lace. I have a whole lot of embroidery thread in my stash so I decided to use a stem stitch. Turned out pretty nice so I am in the middle of finishing another scarf with more embroidery to finish it off. I will show it when it is done. I have at least two more pieces I finished the embroidery months (years?) ago and just haven't got around to actually finishing the pieces. I am hoping to finish more projects than I start this year. Get the UFO pile down.

Now that I have cleared my design wall by putting the final segments of the quilt in the last picture (below) I have some room for a new one. This one I call 'All the Pretty Horses' because the multi-color fabric has a pattern of brightly colored stylized horses running over it. I stumbled on a technique called 'tube quilting' I hadn't heard of before and decided to try it. It is an interesting way of making small blocks that can be arranged in a number of different patterns. It does work up quickly, though that is not a major concern for me. My pieces get done when they get done and speed piecing doesn't necessarily speed up the process.

Here is the top that just came off the design wall. I call it 'Little Safari.' The worst part of it was setting in the little diamonds but I got proficient enough towards the end that if I do another pattern that needs diamonds I won't be put off. But I won't go out of my way to do another with diamonds.

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Kay Dennison said...

I really love all the pieces you've done!!!! You really are gifted. I need to tear myself away from this machine and get back to doing things like this.

Weather-wise, I think this winter has been weird. We really haven't had a LOT of snow so I'm waiting for it. Sigh.