Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Hello, again, everyone. The weather hasn't much to recommend it so I will ignore it today. I have spring fever so bad it isn't funny. I can't really call it cabin fever since we haven't had so much snow that we were immobilized but I want warm temps and sunshine.

Robert Reich had a good post today and one which hit a very sore nerve for me. I used to enjoy some of the talk shows but I don't watch many any more because most of them are way too much heat and bad manners with too little information and analysis. I think most of the political and economic pundits have decided that he who shouts loud enough or prevents the other party from expressing their points has won the debate. I chuckled a bit when Reich noted that he had been on CNBC this morning. I turned the channel when the segment was introduced because I wasn't interested in a couple of talking heads 'duking it out.' I didn't even wait to hear that Reich was one of the participants. Maybe it is just as well because I would probably have been screaming at Kudlow to 'shut the f**k up and let them talk!!!"

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Looking to the Stars said...

I don't watch these shows anymore either, for the very same reason as you. In fact, I am getting tried of the news, the doom and gloom is getting old.

Take care :)