Friday, February 12, 2010

Good Morning, Everyone. It is beautiful and sunny but a bit cold. But then it is February. The weather people say we won't get much snow for the next week. Just a small system coming in Sunday night into Monday morning. We decided to shift our shopping to Monday afternoon when that system is supposed to be gone.

I just finished putting the last of the blocks into my new arrangement on the design wall. This one should be much neater to put together. The technique, tube quilting, is nice enough and, for anyone who wants speed, much quicker to do up. But speed isn't the major concern for me. It gets done when I get it done. I will show a picture when I down load the camera.

I agree with you, Lois. Jobs are critical. But I don't see anything that will significantly affect (except, perhaps, negatively) job creation or retention. It is a nasty, vicious circle--consumers don't spend, business cuts back on its largest cost (labor), people who have no jobs or whose hours (and benefits and wages) have been cut don't spend which triggers another round of cuts. One suburban school district outside Chicago just announced 150+ job cuts for the fall. That district is facing a $60 million deficit and have to make it up somehow. The deficit 'hawks' in the Senate and House aren't considering what would happen if the Federal government reigns in its spending at the same time local and state governments are cutting with an ax (forget anything as delicate as a scalpel). Trouble is--how do you break a downward cycle? And how much pain do you want to inflict in doing it?

My, My but we did get some 'bipartisanship' yesterday. Less than a week after Obama suggested he would consider making recess appointments the Senate managed to confirm 27 of them. Maybe he finally found the right 2x4 to whack those Senatorial GOP mules in the head with. It sure got their attention. Or so it may seem. John Aravosis at Americablog links to two pundits who have a different take. They may be right--the big win isn't so big after all.

Paul Krugman has an opinion piece in the New York Times today which notes that the Republican position on Medicare is hypocritical and calls them out on it even if no one else seems to be interested in pointing out their failings. I can't add anything to his analysis so I will take this discussion on to a different track. I have noted a large number of stories in the news lately noting that Obama's and the Democrats have lost significant ground in the political polls of late. I might have an idiosyncratic take on this because though I am not happy with the mess in Washington I am not moved to support Republicans. I am unhappy because the Democrats have not followed through with the programs that won my support in the first place and they have not placed the blame squarely and forcefully where it belongs--Republicans.


Looking to the Stars said...

I wish I knew how to break the downward cycle. Every where people are losing their jobs. A small town here in Colo. called Walsenberg is closing the prison there which employs half the town. I don't believe in a lot of prisons but I hate to see 120 people out of work.

The Republicans are to blame and I'd like to kick every one of them starting with Bush! What a putz :)

Looking to the Stars said...

I forgot to tell you, I am changing my internet so my email address will change. They are coming on Saturday between 10:00am and 2:00pm. It's suppose to send everyone my new email address but I don't trust it. So, as soon as its done I will send you my new email address. Have a good week end :)