Saturday, February 6, 2010

Good Morning, everyone. It is a beautiful, sunny day here though the temps won't get out of the 20s. We were on the edge of the storm that Kay told me is supposed to dump a foot of snow on Ohio and points east and well north of the tail end of the system that socked in DC and the east coast. We got only a light dusting of snow but the weather people say that a more substantial system will come in Monday night into Tuesday morning. We'll see.

I found this in my Google alerts this morning from Forbes. Michael Fumento asks 'Why WHO faked a swine flu pandemic?' I think you have to take a step back from that question what assumes that they did fake it and ask what the technical definition of a pandemic is and whether the technical definition has any real meaning for ordinary people. defines a pandemic as an epidemic (a sudden outbreak) that affects a wide geographical area such as whole countries or continents. In that case we did have a swine flu pandemic. The definition does not take into consideration the severity of the disease itself. A better question, and one that has much more relevance and doesn't call into question the motives of the administrators at WHO, is whether governments, the media and individuals overreacted.

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