Saturday, February 27, 2010

Good Morning, Everyone. We have had on-again, off-again snow over night. I was going to clear the patio and car this morning after I had my juice and bagel since the snow was very light at the time. By the time I got my bagel in the toaster, set up the coffee pot for tomorrow morning and cleaned out the cat box it was coming down faster and heavier. We decided to wait until this afternoon since we are going out to a birthday party (niece turning 30) and we don't really want to do this twice.

I hear you on the price of meat Kay (and everything else). We are in a good position here. We generally have toast or bagel with juice for breakfast, a very light snack (if we get hungry mid-day), and a supper around 3 pm. That is generally when meat is included in the meal. Mom does most of the cooking. It is winter now so we eat more casseroles and soups all made from scratch. A large chicken breast or a very small beef roast will make a soup that will last 3 days or a casserole that will last 2 and provide a side dish for a third day. We just don't eat the volume of food we once did. We can't because it makes us too uncomfortable. We figured out the cost of the meat a little while ago when we decided to start grinding our own ground beef and pork--less than $1 per day. We don't have much waste either. Any left overs we aren't going to use right away are frozen and when we make up the soup or what ever we check for those first. The chicken soup we had for the last two days used up the left over great northern beans, left over green beans w/ tomatoes, left over kidney beans, and left over carrots. And we still have another meal of soup in the freezer and a smaller container that can be the base for another meal. And our weekly grocery bill is between $40 and $60. For the two of us.


Well, it is morning again. We had a very nice birthday party. Unfortunately we had too much caffeine and didn't sleep well last night. I can remember the days when I had three or four pots of coffee each day not just 3 cups and when I drank coffee from first waking up to almost time to go to bed. Not anymore evidently.

Robert Reich has an interesting blog this morning that claims that the Republican base is charged up and on the march while the Democratic base is 'packing up' and lacking in enthusiasm. To a certain extent he may be right about the yuppie part of the Democratic base but I think he may be wrong about the blue collar part. Most of my family is in the latter and frankly they are as mad as the so-called tea party Republicans. More they don't blame Obama for the current mess--they blame obstructionist Republicans. That may make for an interesting fall election season.


Kay Dennison said...

We got a couple inches of the white stuff -- no huge blizzard.

I hate cooking for one. It's hardly worth cooking since I don't eat much. I eat my cereal in the morning and whatever strikes my fancy later in the day.

I'm took today off from politics after a week that put me up the wall.

Looking to the Stars said...

Wow you are so lucky to be able to have your grocery bill so low. When I was first married I spent $35.00 a week on food. Now, I can't get out of there for less then a $100.00.

Did you get anymore snow Sunday? We haven't had any for 2 days, the boys are in heaven :)