Monday, September 13, 2010

Good Monday Morning, Everyone. Today is our usual shopping day so we will be doing errands for a while. I say usual because we look at the weather and then decide if we will be doing errands on Monday, or Tuesday, or at all. Luckily nothing is so drastically short that we absolutely have to get it now. And even if we run out of something we usually have alternatives that can be used instead. The garden is definitely winding down. I have a number of peppers to take and maybe a couple of tomatoes. I just hope the remaining ones can ripen before a killing frost hits. I removed the bean plants yesterday. No sense in keeping them since we have all the beans we need frozen and more than enough for seed for the next three or four years. Will they keep that long, you ask? Probably, since I keep all my seeds in the fridge over winter.

Billy Willers at OpEdNews posted a piece I just couldn't resist. The title alone caught me: "Alan Simpson, Social Security, and the Welfare Barons of the Livestock Industry." I am sure Simpson would like to keep his 'entitlement,' so why is he so against me keeping mine? Or against my younger brother and sister from keeping theirs? The last paragraph sums things up nicely. Message to Simpson: "You want my government tit? Give up yours first!!"

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