Friday, September 3, 2010

Happy Holiday Friday morning to you all. I guess we can call summer ended. I know we will probably have some more hot weather but I will enjoy today--low 70s. After last night's heavy rain with a lot of thunder I have to take a good look at the garden. I know already that I will have to pay particular attention to one of the big pepper plants but I have been planning to do that anyway. I has too many large peppers for the branches so the dehydrator will be working for the next couple of days. I will also freeze some of them. We had a nice spaghetti yesterday which included some of our Italian spiced home-ground sausage and some of the peppers we had frozen earlier. Oh, it was SOOOO good.

I agree with you, Kay. I don't like Alan Simpson one bit. But I think he is malicious schemer whose agenda is to discredit anyone who receives (or can reasonably expect to receive) or who supports any kind of government mediated payments. If he can do that they can more easily repudiate the programs under which the payments are made. I read two weeks ago (I think) that the IMF is strongly suggesting that the U.S. repudiate some obligations and you can bet they won't be the Treasury bonds that have been bought by China or other sovereign funds around the world. They want our government to repudiate the obligations owed to our own people. What really burns me up is that a large part of the guarantees Germany (for one) has provided to help Greece out of its economic mess are provided by the IMF which in turn receives a large part of its funding from US.

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Kay Dennison said...

I joined the project to keep Social Security solvent and even donated $10 which is a lot for me and signed the petition to get rid of Simpson. What I get from SS is wayyyyy below average. When I go work for my Congressman on Tuesday, I'm going to talk to him or one of his staffers about it.

I'm tired of these damned fools.