Sunday, September 26, 2010

Good Sunday Morning to you all. We are supposed to have cool temps and some sun. Hope so. It was cloudy and cool most of yesterday. I didn't get anything I had planned to do done. No gardening at all. Nothing in my tripping through the internet that sparked a thought to share. But I did get a good bit of crocheting done and I finished a book. I have some on-going crochet projects using the thread I salvaged from the unfinished bedspread I told you about a couple of weeks ago. I really should take some pictures and post them. Perhaps I will catch up on that soon.

HuffingtonPost published this article this morning that I found interesting though not at all surprising. I am amazed that this story has not made any appearance in the mainstream media. Instead we were amused by Colbert's testimony before Congress (in character no less) concerning the plight of illegal farm workers and with Lindsey Lohan's brief return to jail for violating her probation. Well, some people were amused. It seems there is a different standard for Wall Street bankers and manufacturers. If manufacturers knowingly make defective products they are held liable for damages. If Wall Street bankers knowingly construct and sell products likely to fail they make a boat load of money and everyone else takes a bath. Given the situation I am not surprised they are sitting on all that cash they have accumulated since the dark days of the crash and the bailouts. They need it to defend themselves in court.

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