Thursday, September 30, 2010

Happy Oct. 1st, everyone. Goodness where did September go? Only three months left in this year. I said a few posts ago that I was shifting from gardening, which is slowly winding down, back to needlework. Here are a couple of pictures.

The first one shows the two market bags I crocheted according to patterns on the Lion Brand site. I used the Sugar 'n' Cream cotton yarn I had left over from some baby afghans finished and given several years ago. I don't foresee any new baby items in the near future and I don't like leaving the yarn so long. The thing about fabric, yarns and threads is, if you use it, it eventually wears out; but, if you don't, it deteriorates and is wasted. I would rather use it.

I really didn't need another market bag since we have 8 or 10 canvass bags but I had a lot of the white so, what the heck?, market bag it is.

Many, many years ago I started a bedspread. I was very young and ambitious then and often underestimated the time things would require while overestimating my enthusiasm. I had planned a double sized spread, then changed it to a queen size, and then put it, unfinished in the closet. I took recently took it apart but kept the 18 best motifs and made the outer cover for the pillows. I used sections cut from old drapes for the inner envelopes and was pleased to see that the colors nearly match the loveseat. The doilies are from the rescued thread of which I have a lot. I have quite a number of pattern books with pretty items that I will be making. The only requirement--nothing bed or table sized any more.

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