Friday, October 1, 2010

Good Morning, again, everyone. I jumped the gun a bit yesterday. Today is actually the 1st of October. Unless we have something planned for a specific day we don't have to keep close track of exactly which day of the month it is. Usually, if we have an appointment, we receive a reminder phone call or something during the day reminds us of what day it is. I stand by the other sentiment--where the heck has September gone? And the year is quickly following it.

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Looking to the Stars said...

I jump the gun all the time, I have to look at the paper to make sure of the day :) So, any who Happy Oct 1st!!!!!

I love your work, it is beautiful, you are very talented!!!!!

Hey, did you know Budo in our guild is a writer? Have you read his book "Preception of Evil" ? I downloaded kindle for my pc so I could buy his book and read it. Haven't done it yet (buy the book) but its on my to do list. will do it this week end knowing me :)

take care :)