Sunday, October 17, 2010

Howdy, all. Hope you are having a nice peaceful Sunday. We have sun and high 60s predicted today. According to the local weather person, our cooler temps are just a few degrees above 'normal.' And last October we didn't have one single day top 70. This year almost the entire first half did that. What a difference a year makes.

Because we didn't see any movies or other programing that didn't repulse us last night we turned on the History Channel. Don't misunderstand me--we often watch the History Channel for specific programs many of which are in hiatus now. But usually, on Saturday night, on some channel, often SyFy. Unfortunately slasher films don't do it and that was on tap last night. It was an absolutely wonderful three hours without a single political commercial. I can hardly wait until the election is over. I am absolutely depressed to think that we will get very little respite because the next Presidential cycle will probably start (officially) just after New Year.

Another interesting item from tv yesterday--usually I pay absolutely no attention to the 'financial advisors' on any channel. I don't really have much to 'invest' and I am highly skeptical of most of the advice anyway. But Suze Ormond had a brief spot that was interesting because some of what she reflects the current reality. Times are indeed tough in this economy. Many good jobs are gone, probably forever. Investments are chancy and can turn sour quickly. Interest rates on savings are so low that the saver might actually get a negative return on their savings. And that old standby, the single family home, isn't what it used to be. She actually suggested that people might be better off renting. What heresy!!!

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Looking to the Stars said...

Oh man, I can hardly wait for the elections to be over. The ads are enough to make you throw up.

Here in our city a Ken Buck is running. No relation to my husband but its been funny when we go to a store and they see our last name. Yes, I'll be glad when its over.

TV has been at an all time low, we too have been watching the history channel. The best thing on right now (sigh)

I lived in Calif. for 16 yrs (younger yrs) back then people were talking that you should rent not buy. I was not in a position to buy but I told them "No way. When I'm retired the only thing I want to pay is taxes." But it looks like the american dream is going the way of the dodo bird. What a shame.

Take care :)

p.s. if you saw that I had 3 posts for the 15th its because I did them & forget to predate them. Just call me an airhead (lol)