Thursday, October 21, 2010

Good Thursday morning to you all. We have nice sunshine today though we are not supposed to reach the 70 we had yesterday. The weatherperson's prediction of cooler temps over the next week had his co-workers moaning. They aren't ready for the change. I have been delaying cleaning out the remaining plants in my containers. It just looks so bleak out there without something growing. I will leave the mums and marigolds until we get a killing frost. That will keep a bit of color for a bit longer.

I agree with you, Lois. About 25 years ago Target (and K-Mart) dropped their needlework and craft sections. I almost totally stopped shopping there. Why make a separate trip to one of those stores when Wal-mart had everything in one place. And then I did shop at Wal-mart a lot. Over the years we have become equally disenchanted with Wal-mart. We gradually realized that their business model (cheap trumps everything else) simply didn't work for us. All of the big box stores have stopped carrying items we normally bought and the items they carried in place of those items simply did not work as well for us. One stop shopping just doesn't get us what we need so we plan our shopping for maximum efficiency and keep an eye on what is available where and at what price. I noticed an ad on tv last night for the new 'fresh produce' sections at the remodeled 'local' Target. I put the local in quotes because the ad stressed that these were 'your local' Target stores. First, they aren't mine. Second, they are local only in the sense that they are in a given area. I doubt very much that Target's local ties go much deeper. Upshot--we are very selective about what we buy and where we buy it and price alone is never the primary consideration.

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