Saturday, October 30, 2010

Good Morning, again, everyone. My cat is very unhappy and has been for the last few days. We haven't let him out first thing in the morning because the temps have been below 50 degrees. This morning we only hit 38. He may have a fur coat but we don't. Sometimes the seasonal changes are unsettling--although he would probably say something stronger. Did anyone else see the little blurb on the news citing a new 'scientific' study which concludes that we should do away with our 'daylight savings' regime? This study found, contrary to popular propaganda, it doesn't save energy and it is very hard on the body. I have said that for years but didn't have numbers to back it up.

I have felt dissatisfied for a number of years by the Holiday creep, Lois. The commercialization only adds to my disgruntlement. Before the economic crash began Visa had a commercial which showed a humming store coming to a crashing halt when some benighted soul tried to use cash or a check. The message was that the 'speed' of commerce (and daily life with it) required the speed of Visa. The speed of commerce also requires consumers who are willing (if not actually able) to spend freely. But over the last several years (well before the 'Great Recession) spending has been less and less rewarding (whether spending on myself or others.) But I still like my holidays 'in season' and this nonsense of a 6 month Christmas 'season' or manufactured 'holidays' like Sweetness Day simply annoy me. I really don't even like to make gifts anymore. In a commercial world I am not at all sure a made gift is really appreciated. Has anyone had the feeling that the recipient of a hand-made baby afghan or quilt would have been just as happy, and perhaps happier, with a commercially produced item they could put a dollar figure on? Maybe I am getting cynical but, over the last several years, I have had that feeling often.

I have had a reasonably productive morning. Actually, a productive couple of days. I am irritated because some of that productivity was spent correcting a problem with something I had done before and the problem was not with what I did but what I used to do it. I recently bought some new wicks from Michaels and used them when I poured a few candles. A couple of weeks ago we tried to light one of the candles and the wick barely caught. A second candle also sputtered and almost went out. I checked over the wicks and found that each had a metal piece and not much else left. Then I checked package. Each of the remaining wicks has a shiny metal core and were supposed to be 'coated'; with what over what I have no idea. So, after a bit of research on line, I braided several wicks out of some spare bedspread weight crochet thread, soaked them in wax, and used them for six votive candles. The one we lit this morning burned nicely and I used the others as the cores for some new candles. I had to completely melt out the wax for the older candles which did not make me happy. From now on--I make my own wicks.


Looking to the Stars said...

Like you, I have known that Daylight Savings is hard on the body. These people are sooooo stupid. If they want to do something healthy for us then they need to leave the clocks alone!! I know there are 2 states that don't do it, AZ is one but I can't remember the other. I must be experiancing another case of CRS (can't remember sh-t) LOL.

Once again I feel like you, that someone would rather have a boughten item then a hand made one. Our christmas giving is simple. Hubby & I buy something close to Dec & say that's our Christmas gift. This month we bought 3 video games & said that is what our gifts are. We mail tiny stuff to my in laws with a check & that is Christmas for them. I have no family alive so its just the in laws (hubby is an only child).

I remember that commerical & I felt shocked when I first saw it. To me, it seemed they were pushing hard to get rid of writing checks. I didn't like it.

You take care & have a wonderful week end :)

Kay Dennison said...

You've been busy!!! I never fail to be amazed by your creativity!

And yeah, I get annoyed by the credit card ads, too. Once upon a time there were usury laws but no more. I hate the greedy you-know-whats.