Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Good day to you all on this only marginally warmer Wednesday.  The temp on the patio was warmer this morning at 5:30am as it was yesterday when Mom checked it out at 9:30am.  In fact it is warmer than our high yesterday.

I sympathize, Lois.  I don't live in Illinois--rather Indiana about 50 miles east of Chicago.  Our asshole, Repthuglican ex-governor has retired (bless term limits!!) to become president or chancellor or some kind of high mucky muck at Purdue University.  Too bad political assholery isn't an indictable offense.  Unfortunately, the voters over here saw fit to put in a new Repthuglican who, I hope, won't be so thuggish.  Our weather has also been weird.  We still haven't had much snow.  In fact, many areas have yet to put 1 inch on the ground.  The cold snap of the last two days provided the coldest temperature of the last two years.  And we are still way above normal for temperatures for the entire season.  And two weeks ago we had almost a week of temperature 20+ degrees above normal.

Frustration with mainstream media #123:  Can anyone tell me why Beyonce's lip-synched rendition of the national anthem is important enough that the news broadcasts for two days now have spend considerable time on it?

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Looking to the Stars said...

I'm with you, news worthy info has gone into soap opera crap. Do they really believe that we give a hoot about any of this crap they are reporting! Truth and facts have left the building, I don't see them returning any time soon :)

take care