Sunday, January 20, 2013

Good very chilly Sunday to you all.  Unusual weather and weather swings are becoming all too usual.  We did have high winds yesterday which greatly reduced the perceived temperature.  I will get a good idea of how hardy the plants still outside are with the coming overnight temps in the low single digets and daytime highs in the teens and low twenties.  Those are the lowest temperatures in nearly two years according to the local weather person this morning.

The garden and home show was a nice outing yesterday.  Much of the merchandise was eye candy--what we call 'nice but' items.  We enjoy looking but really don't want to buy.  We did find a very interesting bird feeder that our little friends might like a lot more that one of the tube feeders--which they don't really like at all. I also found some 'wild' flower seeds for sale and picked up the beard-tongue foxglove, agastache, wild monarda, prairie clover, and a fifth I don't remember off hand (and am too lazy at present to get up and take a look).  I put in the quotation marks because domesticated versions are available for all but one.  It is very easy to forget that once upon a time all of the plants we have in our gardens were once wild.  All of them attract either bees or butterflies or hummingbirds or all three.  And the dried leaves of three of the plants are supposed to be good in tea.  I do love multipurpose plants.

Glad you commented, Lois, and that you enjoy my gardening accounts.  On the gun issue--I don't own guns now but at one time I did.  I enjoyed target shooting and was once a member of a couple of gun clubs.  I haven't done any shooting in many years now--when shooting interfered with my graduate work I had to choose and shooting lost.  Everyone I know (then and now) who have guns treat them as tools that, like any other dangerous tool (knives, automobiles, and chainsaws for example) that must be properly maintained and used with due caution for their own safety and the safety of others.  There are idiots out there who shouldn't have a plastic knife, drive a car, or be allowed anywhere near a chainsaw.  And some people shouldn't have guns even if they want them.  (Update: sorry, Lois.  I accidentally rejected your comment from my e-mail account when I intended to post it.  Blast!!  For any who wonder what you wrote, here it is:Ah, I love reading about your garden. It is so cool :)

Gun control is a very hot issue. I do not know if we will ever find a solution. I do not and have never owned a gun. My father was shot down in cold blood, by a man he knew, in front of me. I was 3 years old and I remember it as clear as if it happened yesterday. So, my viewpoint is pretty clear but that is me. Other people have differant viewpoints and I can respect that. I may not agree but I do respect it.
take care)

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